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Re: [ub] [c++std-ext-14555] Sized integer types and char bits

From: Herb Sutter <hsutter_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2013 21:37:31 +0000
Lawrence wrote:
> I am okay with requiring two's complement, for two reasons.
> First, programmers are assuming it anyway, and since modern programmers
> will almost never see anything different, they are right. Second, we had to
> define the result of all atomic operations, and they use two's complement.


> > Since the introduction of UTF-8 literals, we have required CHAR_BIT > = 8.


Ion wrote:
> For modern systems with CHAR_BIT != 8, please see:

Thanks Ion, for the data about systems with >8 bit char.

What about two's complement -- do we know systems that don't support it?


Received on 2013-10-19 23:38:07