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Re: [std-proposals] Rust vs C/C++ vs C++ Superset

From: Sebastian Wittmeier <wittmeier_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2022 17:55:46 +0200
Hello Phil, can you share the .pdf documentation of C++ superset on this list (without having to download and install the complete framework)? Nice of you, if you want to contribute something useful and workable. (In the following I share my personal impression, how it will go. But I do not make the rules.)   If you want to propose an extension to the Core Language, the patent landscape has to be in a way that the improved language can be still compiled or processed by open source _and_ commercial compilers like Microsoft Visual C++ and run by their runtime libraries. Without those commercial companies or their customers having to get a license to the standardized core language. You have to assume that during the standardization process your proposals will be changed and parts removed, others added and others would work or be written differently. You wrote: "waiving the patented Fornux C++ Superset to integrate it into free open source projects" <- what about commercial projects? There won`t be a C++ language for commercial projects and one for open source projects, I am sure about that. If you do not want to propose your specific language extension, but rather interfaces to your tool and to similiar tools with more annotation and customization/integration points than #pragmas and annotations, than the proposal has to be general enough for a whole class of similar tools, best the authors of those tools are contributing to the same proposal, the tools have widespread use, and it is possible for open source _and_ commercial companies like Microsoft to implement those (classes of) extensions without having to pay royalties or be otherwise bound by licensing or patent terms.   You wrote on this list on 3rd Aug. 2021: https://lists.isocpp.org/std-proposals/2021/08/2979.php (SCC / ISO IEC - C++ Superset from)   Was this the same, another or a related proposal?   Best, Sebastian   PS That some companies adopt Rust as a second langauge is not a good motivation. It would be better to concentrate on the technical details and merits, how which category of error is prevented, and why this superset is good as a core language change instead of as tool or as part of a C++ runtime or a library. Also is it suitable for every C++ code to be enhanced in this way. Can old code bases be converted automatically? When yes, why would one need a change of the language specification at all, if not, what about compatibility, mixed code bases, etc. If you change only the semantics of the existing language and not of the syntax, would it break existing code?   -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht----- Von:Phil Bouchard via Std-Proposals <std-proposals_at_[hidden]> Gesendet:Di 27.09.2022 16:49 Betreff:[std-proposals] Rust vs C/C++ vs C++ Superset An:std-proposals_at_[hidden]; CC:Phil Bouchard <boost_at_[hidden]>; Greetings, Apparently Rust is gaining traction very quickly, even Linus Torvalds will use it for his Linux kernel: https://www.zdnet.com/article/programming-languages-its-time-to-stop-using-c-and-c-for-new-projects-says-microsoft-azure-cto/ Apparently as well Rust will not fix everything: "Bob Rudis, a cybersecurity researcher for GreyNoise Intelligence, who was formerly with Rapid7, noted developers can carry across the same bad security habits to Rust." I'm looking into waiving the patented Fornux C++ Superset to integrate it into free open source projects as well so that should fix a huge part of the problem: https://fornux.com/superset/ What are your thoughts?   Sincerely, -- Phil Bouchard CTO T: (819) 328-4743 E: phil_at_[hidden] <mailto:phil_at_[hidden]> | www.fornux.com <http://www.fornux.com> 1188 rue Saint-Louis | Gatineau (Qc), J8T 2L8 Canada Le message ci-dessus, ainsi que les documents l'accompagnant, sont destinés uniquement aux personnes identifiées et peuvent contenir des informations privilégiées, confidentielles ou ne pouvant être divulguées. Si vous avez reçu ce message par erreur, veuillez le détruire. This communication (and/or the attachments) is intended for named recipients only and may contain privileged or confidential information which is not to be disclosed. If you received this communication by mistake please destroy all copies. -- Std-Proposals mailing list Std-Proposals_at_[hidden] https://lists.isocpp.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/std-proposals  

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