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[span] default constructor constraint after index_type signedness change

[span] Value of dynamic_extent

Allow block statement before each member in intializer list

Allowing access to object representations

Enhancement of std::regex

enum class value name string via something similar to typeid().name() ?

Extending smart pointers and associative containers for better interoperability

Formalisation of std::get<>'s behavior with regards to concurrency

Generic variadic pack expansion utility

Idea/RFC: IFCINAE (ill-formed code is not an error)

Implementation Section of Class Definition

Make lifetime a part of the object model

Making parameter names clearer than func(true, false);

Named params via anonymous struct and function aliases

ordered containers

Reasons for adding insert_return_type in associative containers

Relax static_assert message restriction

std::string to_string(bool value);

using class namespace -or- Koenig Lookup for arguments and initialisations

Last message date: 2019-07-30 14:33:00