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Defect of the C Standard within the section "The typedef specifier"

From: Vladimir Grigoriev <vlad.moscow_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 11:44:02 +0300
Within the section 9.2.4 The typedef specifier of the C++ 20 Standard in the example2 of the paragraph 2 there is such an alias declaration
using cell = pair<void*, cell*>; // error
There is said nothing why this declaration is incorrect. So this example only confuses readers of the section. Actually such a declaration can be valid. Consider the following program
#include <utility>
using cell = int;
int main()
    using cell = std::pair<void *, cell *>;
    return 0;
According to the C++ 20 Standard (6.4.2 Point of declaration), p.3 ) «The point of declaration of an alias or alias template immediately follows the defining-type-id to which the alias refers»
So in the above program cell within the defining-type-id refers to the typedef id cell declared in the global namespace.
So just to write «error» for this line in the C++ Standard is not enough. Either this example should be excluded or appended with an explanation why there is an error.
With best regards
(Vlad from Moscow)
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Received on 2021-11-13 02:44:12