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Subject: The using declaration and function default arguments.
From: Vladimir Grigoriev (vlad.moscow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-11-15 06:47:56

Confirm me that the clang HEAD 10.0.0 has a bug or I missed something.

The following demonstrative program instead of to output 

f( 10 )
generates a compiler error when the clang HEAD 10.0.0 compiler is used.

#include <iostream>
namespace N1
void f( int x ) { std::cout << "f( " << x << " )\n"; }
using N1::f;
namespace N1
void f( int x = 10 );
int main()
  With nest regards,

Vlad from Moscow

You can meet me at http://cpp.forum24.ru/ or www.stackoverflow.com or http://ru.stackoverflow.com

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