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Subject: March 2021 Telecon Summary
From: Robert Douglas (rwdougla_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-03-15 07:41:26

* Discussed PR 62 (static_assert) and decided to merge
* Discussed how we might speed up review cycles, particularly pertaining to
reviewers or submitters not responding for long periods of time. Group
decided to encourage a 2-week response timeout to be followed up with a
direct email to the non-responsive person, prior to taking any further or
more drastic measures.
* Michael Adams presented his feedback on trying to contribute. (see
meeting invite email for resources) Group decided...

1. to explore having auto-built document with instructions and links to
other useful documents, which is itself targeted toward potential
contributors, and
2. to continue and expand the effort to have a glossary of terms,
particularly related to education-terminology
Additional resources identified include:

* Michael Adams, Florian Sattler, and Robert Douglas will draft a paper to
recommend a new paper section for new committee papers to consider (with
guidance) *teachability* of new features.

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