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[SG20] Fwd: minutes of meeting

From: JC van Winkel <jcvw_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 19:05:48 +0100
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From: Neil Horlock <nhorlock_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 at 17:40
Subject: minutes of meeting
To: JC van Winkel <jcvw_at_[hidden]>

Hi JC,
Here are the minutes.



NH - Neil Horlock
JC - JC Van Winkel (chair)
FS - Florian Sattler
KG - Kate Gregory
MA - Michael Adams
CJDB - Chris Di Bella

Notetaker: Neil Horlock

Adoption of Agenda: agreed.

Unanimous consent on minutes from the last meeting.

Summary of Belfast:
Bob Steagall helped to outline a plan which we are now executing.
The core of the plan is the issue tracker which has been established on

Github repo setup and CJDB has been adding issues


CJDB: explains the issue structure
modules as labels
and topics as issues
each topic is thus assigned to one or more modules.

NH: We had suggested having a couple of initial examples, for people to
JC: Agreed, that is a good plan.

Discussion of which module/topic to start with.
* meta error handling
* functions
* I/O

NH: the intention is to establish objectives and outcomes for each topic?
CJDB: yes

KG expressed a preference towards functions or IO rather than meta-error
CJDB: I/O is more or less ready to go, functions is not.
JC: not so keen to start with functions.

ACTION: CJDB will continue to populate the tracker.
ACTION: (unassigned) An initial "template" topic should be developed to set
the direction for other.
FUTURE ACTION: Assign topics to individuals.
(scribe note: from Belfast we had noted that once the tracker is up, people
can self select topics using the issue tracker)

Prague attendance: SG20 face to face
yes: NH, JC, FS, CJDB
no : KG, MA


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