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From: Neil Horlock <nhorlock@gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2019 at 17:40
Subject: minutes of meeting
To: JC van Winkel <jcvw@google.com>

Hi JC,
Here are the minutes.



NH - Neil Horlock
JC - JC Van Winkel (chair)
FS - Florian Sattler
KG - Kate Gregory
MA - Michael Adams
CJDB - Chris Di Bella

Notetaker: Neil Horlock

Adoption of Agenda: agreed.

Unanimous consent on minutes from the last meeting.

Summary of Belfast:
Bob Steagall helped to outline a plan which we are now executing.
The core of the plan is the issue tracker which has been established on Github.

Github repo setup and CJDB has been adding issues


CJDB: explains the issue structure
modules as labels
and topics as issues
each topic is thus assigned to one or more modules.

NH: We had suggested having a couple of initial examples, for people to follow
JC: Agreed, that is a good plan.

Discussion of which module/topic to start with.
* meta error handling
* functions
* I/O

NH: the intention is to establish objectives and outcomes for each topic?
CJDB: yes

KG expressed a preference towards functions or IO rather than meta-error handling
CJDB: I/O is more or less ready to go, functions is not.
JC: not so keen to start with functions.

ACTION: CJDB will continue to populate the tracker.
ACTION: (unassigned) An initial "template" topic should be developed to set the direction for other.
FUTURE ACTION: Assign topics to individuals.
(scribe note: from Belfast we had noted that once the tracker is up, people can self select topics using the issue tracker)

Prague attendance: SG20 face to face
yes: NH, JC, FS, CJDB
no : KG, MA