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[SG20] Notes from telecon of 2019-10-11

From: JC van Winkel <jcvw_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 09:08:35 +0200

Here are my notes (wouldn't call them minutes).


Opening and introductions

Roll call of participants
[image: image.png]

Find scribe
JC will scribe.

Adopt Agenda

Adopt last meeting's minutes
  AI(jc) get notes from last meeting

Proposals in the works
- http://wg21.link/p1389
  Florian has made a tool to make graphs from the table we have, with
  different graph layouts in dot format. Will send to sg20 this or next

Preparations for SG20 meeting in Belfast
  Belfast: Jon: no, florian no, will be in next 2 meetings, Andreas Fertig

Dependency list: in 1389 we have modules list that Chris Di Bella drafted.
With topics lists you have to teach some topics first. currently unclear
how to specify this, different kinds of deps. Could add suggestion that A
should be before B, but no hard requirement.
Jon: often some things are done partially
Arthur: often things are not interesting - some deps are super obvious.
Florian: wanted to have this discussion, only have soft dependencies,
topics that are suggested to be taught together.
jc: may become unwieldy
florian: different use case: build small website where instructor can
select a topic, then the tool hints what other topics should be discussed
and what could be taught next, give hint what things are related
jc: have a mini pilot?
florian: can send to sg20 mailing list, can ask sg20 for input

Any further business
jc: meeting time convenient? For some, 30 minutes later would be better.
For Jon it is already too late. Keep at the same time.


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