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Subject: Re: LWG issue: Time formatters should not be locale sensitive by default
From: Jens Maurer (Jens.Maurer_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-05-02 06:44:42

On 02/05/2021 12.52, Corentin via SG16 wrote:
> There do not seem to be an end to the brokenness, which I guess is to be expected when dealing with POSIX
> Reading of the code of strftime reveals that strftime never uses locale to format numbers without O, even if it should.

You're talking about POSIX (a standard) here, and then about "reading the code",
which seems to refer to a specific implementation.

Are you saying that the POSIX standard prescribes to ignore the locale
for non-O format specifiers, or are you saying that the specific
implementation you looked at ignores the locale for non-O
specifiers, presumably in violation of the POSIX standard?

> In fact, it never uses the digits property at all! Neither does printf

The POSIX standard or the implementation you looked at?


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