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Integrating P2701R0 into the modules-ecosystem-tr draft Daniel Ruoso (2022-11-22 21:39:25)

Integrating P2581R2 into the modules-ecosystem-tr draft Daniel Ruoso (2022-11-17 18:29:04)

D2716 C++ Ecosystem IS: Definitions René Ferdinand Rivera Morell (2022-11-11 17:21:21)

SG15 - Tooling meeting Thursday after lunch Michael Spencer (2022-11-10 10:30:34)

Added two papers to our Wednesday schedule Michael Spencer (2022-11-08 18:55:17)

P2702R0: Specifying Importable Headers Daniel Ruoso (2022-11-08 18:15:26)

P2701R0: Translating Linker Input Files to Module Metadata Files Daniel Ruoso (2022-11-08 18:13:56)

SG15 Kona Details - Meeting Wednesday morning at 8 AM HST Michael Spencer (2022-11-07 19:08:59)

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