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[SG15] 2019-09-21 Denver Tooling Meeting - we will meet in Summit 3 @ CppCon

From: Bryce Adelstein Lelbach aka wash <brycelelbach_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 20 Sep 2019 13:25:56 -0700
Here is the updated meeting invite paper:


Notable changes:
- The room is Summit 3
- The morning break has shifted a bit.
- CppCon is now providing us lunch for free.

Tentative agenda:

P1832: Improving Debug Builds Inline With User Expectation
D1864: Defining Target Tuplets (attached)
D1857: Modules Dependency Discovery (attached)
D1837: remove.dots.in.module.names (attached)
D1383: Modules User-Facing Lexicon and File Extensions
P1279: std::breakpoint

If you have other things you'd like to discuss, please let me know.
With the above content, I suspect we will end a bit early in the

Bryce Adelstein Lelbach aka wash
CUDA Core C++ Libraries Lead @ NVIDIA
ISO C++ Library Evolution Incubator Chair
ISO C++ Tooling Chair
CppCon and C++Now Program Chair
CUDA Convert and Reformed AVX Junkie
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