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Re: [Tooling] [isocpp-modules] Path to modules with old bad build systems

From: Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2019 17:30:52 -0500
On 3/8/19 2:54 PM, Ben Boeckel via Modules wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 08, 2019 at 11:04:46 -0500, Tom Honermann wrote:
>> This discussion is about support for bad old build systems. We can't
>> require pkg-config or CMake.
> Yeah, I missed that "Ben" in your reply wasn't me.

Hmm, yes, two Ben's. We might have to rename one of you. Or, I could
be more careful with my addressing...


Received on 2019-03-08 23:30:55