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Re: [Tooling] Minutes from 2019-01-31 SG15 Modules Tooling Interactions Telecon

From: Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 11:31:33 -0500
Minor corrections below...

On 1/31/19 4:56 PM, Bryce Adelstein Lelbach aka wash wrote:
> ISO C++ SG15 Modules Tooling Interactions
> 2019-01-31 Telecon Minutes
> Attendees:
> Bryce Adelstein Lelbach (Chairing)
> Ben Craig (Minute Taker)
> Rene Rivera
> Isabella Muerte (Izzy)
> Colby Pike
> Corentin Jabot
> Dalton Woodard
> Dan Kalowsky
> Gabriel Dos Reis (GDR)
> JF Bastien, Apple
> Michael Spencer, Apple
> Bruno Cardoso Lopes, Apple
> David Blaike, Google
> Richard Smith, Google
> Brad King, Kitware
> Ben Boeckel, Kitware
> Robert Maynard, Kitware
> Matthew Woehlke, Kitware
> Bill Hoffman, Kitware
> Zack Galbreath, Kitware
> Vassil Vassilev
> Steve Downey, Bloomberg
> Thierry Lavoie
> Tom Honerman
Tom Honermann :)
> Tom: We spend so much time talking about build systems. It's just the
> first thing we deal with. Tons of other tools that consume and
> generate C++. We talk about techniques that could be used for build
> systems, but that has to be replicated to the other tools. Clang
> tools are a success because they were an optimization on headers.
> Tools didn't need to retrofit.

This should state "Clang *modules* are a success ...". Not too diminish
the success of Clang tools though :)


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