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[Tooling] Call for papers

From: Titus Winters <titus_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2018 12:47:01 +0000
A reminder: the mailing deadline for papers to be discussed in Rapperswil
is May 7. I expect that we'll have another evening session during that
WG21 meeting.

Based on current discussion threads, I'm particularly interested in
encouraging papers in the following areas:

   - Long term mission (see my post from about a month ago) - in support
   of, alternative mission statements, alternative phrasing, etc
   - A big-picture plan: for a given mission statement, what major changes
   will have to happen? In what order? (I'd love to have rough consensus of
   the major pieces and interdependencies between those: do we need package
   management before build system understanding, or vice-versa?)
   - Properties of a good X, for X in build system, package management,
   refactoring tools, etc
   - User studies: have you tried deploying something Tooling related
   recently? How did that go?

Papers do not need to be long, terribly formal, or have all of the answers.

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