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Re: [Tooling] So where do we start?

From: Timur Doumler <cpp_at_[hidden]>
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 21:43:14 +0100
Hi Titus,

Here are some thoughts.

Some of the new C++ features that WG21 is working on will greatly affect the C++ tooling ecosystem. (And my understanding of “tooling” is everything from IDEs to build systems, static analysers, and run-time sanitisers. Also including refactoring tools of course, but with no special emphasis on those.)

What I’d love to do is to discuss what challenges for tooling these features create, to generate solutions and recommendations for those, and then to feed that back into WG21.

For example, modules: I’d very much like to see a discussion of Tom Honermann’s paper P0804 <http://wg21.link/p0804> and Gaby’s follow-up P0822 <http://wg21.link/p0822> in Jacksonville.

Whether SG15 is the right place for this, or perhaps EWG, or somewhere else, I don’t know — I’d love to hear from you.


> On 14 Dec 2017, at 21:32, Titus Winters <titus_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Who has interesting points to discuss? Agenda? Other?
> As I've said before and elsewhere: my random-guess for the output from this group would be two lists:
> Those (refactoring?) tools we assume all C++ developers have access to
> Those tools we *want* all C++ developers to have access to
> But I'd love to hear other ideas.
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