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[SG12] Reminder: Today's SG12/SG14 meeting on a proposed security SG (using SG14's slot)

From: Herb Sutter <hsutter_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2020 11:42:24 +0000
Just a reminder that today's SG14 meeting is being used for a combined SG12/SG14 meeting on the expanded topic of how to handle security-related proposals, notably whether to create a separate security-related SG vs. handling such topics directly in EWG/LEWG, SG12/WG23, and/or SG14.

Per SD-3 section 2<https://isocpp.org/std/standing-documents/sd-3-study-group-organizational-information>, before appointing an SG, the procedure is that I look to the recommendations of the EWG and LEWG chairs about whether to consider forming a new SG vs. handling the material within their groups, and in this case because of possible overlap with SG12 (and WG23) and SG14 I'll also look to those chairs similarly w.r.t. their groups. If the chairs recommend that I create a new SG, then as usual I'll sanity-check that we have proposals and a critical mass of participants, find a chair, and appoint the SG.

Here's the info I have - if you have questions about how to call in please consult Michael Wong or the committee calendar.

Topic: SG14 monthly Dec 2020-Feb 2021
Time: Dec 9, 2020 11:00 AM Pacific / 02:00 PM Eastern (US and Canada)
    Meeting ID: 931 5186 4365
    Password: 789626

Received on 2020-12-09 05:57:14