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Re: [std-proposals] Paper for Preventing Re-entry of Functions (10 pages)

From: Ville Voutilainen <ville.voutilainen_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2023 18:00:43 +0200
On Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 17:49, Frederick Virchanza Gotham via
Std-Proposals <std-proposals_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Today I've written a 10-page paper about preventing re-entry in C++.
> Skip to Page 8 to see how the class can retain its movability and
> copyability while using an allocator of your choosing.
> I've attached the file "noreentry_draft01.pdf" to this email, and you
> can also download the latest draft from here:
> http://www.virjacode.com/download/noreentry_latest_draft.pdf

Okay then. The proposal

- doesn't discuss alternate ways to solve the problem (including just
writing a lil' bit of library wrappers yourself to get closer
to the equivalent code you seek, or using code injection to inject the
- doesn't explain why this problem is worth solving to begin with. In
the original message, even the paper author explains
having solved the problem differently, and then goes on to say "it
would be nice to have a language facility for this". Why?
Why do we need to have a direct language facility for every problem a
programmer runs into? Why is this language
facility more important and more common than others?

Hard Pass. No.

P.S. Somewhat tongue in cheek: I don't think the proposal has enough
keywords for use cases virtually nobody needs.

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