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Subject: Adequate for teaching?
From: Jacob Ulrich (derp.jau_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-07-29 21:03:18

Hello ISO C++ Mailing List,

This is my first time messaging this list, my name is Jacob Ulrich and I am
a university student. This summer term, I am taking an introductory
programming course with C++. The full title of the course is "Introduction
to Computer Programming in C++ for Engineers and Scientists." The only
prerequisite for this course is Calculus I, so no prior programming
experience is required. I am having a bit of an issue with my assignments
though, I was just wondering if anybody here could share their feelings.

Attached to this email I am linking an assignment from this course. I want
to know if this is an appropriate way to teach C++ Classes and C++ File
Reading/Writing to new programming students? Would the people of this
mailing list consider this intuitive and adequate for first-time
programmers to learn like this? I am just curious if there is any sort of
teaching standard that one should abide by when in regards to C++. Would
you teach a beginner programmer with an assignment of this nature?

I am attaching the files to the email itself and also providing a link to
them online.

Link to files:

Best regards, Jacob Ulrich


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