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Subject: Idea: lambda capture list as ad-hoc structure or named members tuple
From: Raymund Hofmann (hofmannraymund_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-01-24 00:22:51

A template definition in block scope is not allowed, but it would at least
allow for something like:

template<class M, class N>
  M m;
  N n;
} adhocstruct= { expression for m, expression for n};

adhocstruct.m ...

...only when this proposal comes through:

In contrast, generic lambda's which are just like templates are allowed in
block scope.
And the capture list of a lambda is in fact exactly this: a ad hoc
structure with auto typed members that have a name, unfortunately only
inside the lambda scope.

So why not have something like a capture list of a lambda with outside
access of its named auto typed members?

A kind of structured binding with initializing expressions for each member?

auto f()
auto adhocstruct=[m=expression_m, n=expression_n];


return adhocstruct;

auto sometransform()
return [result=expression, tolerance=expression,

decltype(sometransform()) sometransformresultvalue;

Using tuples for that has a major drawback of not being able to give
descriptive names for members.
Using predefined structs has three major drawbacks: more typing/code (DRY),
less locality and no auto member type deduction.

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