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Subject: SG20 Meeting in Belfast on Thursday
From: JC van Winkel (jcvw_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-11-05 10:04:34


SG20 will have a face to face meeting in the Belfast WG21 meeting on
Thursday. We will meet in room Glenbank.



   - Opening and introductions
      - Find a scribe
      - SG20 charter
      - Roll call of participants
      - Adopt agenda
   - Proposals in the works
      - P1846: Teach class last
      - P1725 Modular Topic Design & Future of P1389
      - Florian Sattlerf's Graph
   - Non-proposal discussions
      - Right after lunch Axel Naumann: Interactive, auto-graded C++
      tutorial for folks who know some coding
   - Any other business
   - Closing process
      - Future meetings
   - Adjourn

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