Reminder that this meeting is taking place tomorrow.


On 10/1/21 1:40 PM, Tom Honermann via SG16 wrote:

Please note that there has been a schedule change. The previously scheduled telecon for 2021-10-13 has been moved earlier to 2021-10-06. This change was made to accommodate schedule restrictions for the author of the two papers on the agenda below. The shared calendar has been updated (which triggered the sending of new meeting invitations).

SG16 will hold a telecon on Wednesday, October 6th (not the 13th) at 19:30 UTC (timezone conversion).

The agenda is:

D2460 is first on the agenda because establishing consensus on it will reduce complications for P1885. We'll plan to spend 30 minutes on D2460 and the remainder of our time on P1885.

D2460R0 seeks to address SG16 issue 9 (Requiring wchar_t to represent all members of the execution wide character set does not match existing practice). Please read through the comments in that issue.

P1885 is back on the agenda to discuss issues raised on the LEWG and SG16 mailing lists. The relevant email threads are linked below; there have been a lot.

The above threads probe fundamental concerns about the IANA registry and the goals that P1885 strives to fulfill. It probably isn't realistic to expect to resolve them all in a single telecon.  Given the amount of discussion that has taken place and the possible perspectives offered, I'm no longer confident that we have a shared deep understanding of the design and intent. Specific points I want to cover include the following.

Please feel free to suggest other topics.