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FYI: Unicode proposals incoming

From: Zach Laine <whatwasthataddress_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 12:22:02 -0600
I'm officially done with the Boost review process as it relates to
Boost.Text. It has never gotten a second review, but I'm tired of
waiting, so I'm giving up on that. I've gotten the best feedback I'm
probably going to get from the first review anyway.

So, time to start writing papers.

I've already submitted one:


There might be some small edits to it before SG-16 sees it properly,
but it's basically finished already.

Another one, about normalization, will be ready in the next couple of days.

Please feel free to comment here, or via private email.

Corentin and I have discussed a paper about the text segmentation
algorithms too, but no work has begun yet.


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