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Should there be a filename extension standard?

From: Joshua Marshall <jrmarsha_at_[hidden]>
Date: Thu, 5 Jan 2023 18:04:43 -0500
Hello all,

I need to ask the dumb question somewhere, and I think this is the right
place. Should there be a filename extension standard and would something
like `<base name>.<standard revision>.<syntax>` meet any reasonable needs?
It seems like this has been discussed some as noted by Rene' on Slack.

My question is motivated by Herb Sutter's 2022 CPPCON talk introducing
`cppforward` and what seems to be the `.cpp2` extension. Now, independent
of his work, having the option to support multiple syntaxes and multiple
standards in this way could have it's uses. Provided that everything
ultimately translates into a currently nonexistent common meaning behind
all the syntaxes and standards, judicious addition of these alternatives
could prove useful for better supporting the needs of competing domains. I
can't say what they would be, but it would give the option for later use.
I think that could be of value.

Received on 2023-01-05 23:04:55