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Subject: Re: Meeting on October 15th at 9AM Pacific
From: Gabriel Dos Reis (gdr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-10-15 11:02:27

Is this meeting happening?

-- Gaby

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Sent: Tuesday, October 12, 2021 7:22 PM
To: Tooling Study Group (SG15) <sg15_at_[hidden]>
Cc: Michael Spencer <bigcheesegs_at_[hidden]>
Subject: [SG15] Meeting on October 15th at 9AM Pacific

Hey everyone, I've scheduled a meeting for Friday October 15th at 9AM-10:30AM Pacific.

The topics for the meeting will be:
P2473R0 - Distributing C++ Module Libraries

Meeting link: https://iso.zoom.us/j/97089073839?pwd=WHdxbzE0cTFkOU1aVWZocjhkSnp2dz090108d98df05319%7C72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7C1%7C0%7C637696886059024573%7CUnknown%7CTWFpbGZsb3d8eyJWIjoiMC4wLjAwMDAiLCJQIjoiV2luMzIiLCJBTiI6Ik1haWwiLCJXVCI6Mn0%3D%7C1000&sdata=o9rVdc19hoXWIpLtHsoww29qHwKt4l3bqA6Vcz4xTAM%3D&reserved=0>

- Michael Spencer

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