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The paper's uploaded for the next mailing

From: Patrice Roy <patricer_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2023 20:12:31 -0400

Look for P2966R0 in the next mailing. I hope I carried your words and ideas
appropriately, and that you will kindly correct me for the mistakes still
left there.

There have been a few additions since our last discussions:

* A wish for a «reorderase» standard algorithm as suggested by Matt
(Bentley). It seems like a fecund path forward
* A mention of a wish for a faster adoption of modules (one of the «broad
wishes rubrics, more a statement of intent than a request for paper right
* wg21.link links are still there but the text only shows the P or N
numbers, not the full links (thanks Nevin!)
* Some typos and weird grammar thingies have been corrected, but I'm
French-speaking and I'm sure I missed some
* I took upon myself to add the following paragraph to the «Actions»
section, which I thought was important. I hope you'll forgive me:

«SG14 contributors plan to write papers that will help these requests lead
> to adoption of corresponding features in the C++ language or its standard
> library. Some of these efforts are pursued through other papers, not
> necessarily SG14 related; in such cases, SG14 contributors will try to help
> bring these other papers to fruition. In the cases where the request can be
> served with existing facilities or that other approaches would serve the
> stated goals better, SG14 will try to make these existing alternatives
> better known. Where there are competing proposals to solve a problem from
> the set below, SG14 will try to provide guidance with respect to those
> aspects of these proposals that serve best this community.»

That statement of intent seemed necessary to me.

Hope you like it, and that the community will contribute :)

Received on 2023-09-06 00:12:43