Look for P2966R0 in the next mailing. I hope I carried your words and ideas appropriately, and that you will kindly correct me for the mistakes still left there.

There have been a few additions since our last discussions:

* A wish for a «reorderase» standard algorithm as suggested by Matt (Bentley). It seems like a fecund path forward
* A mention of a wish for a faster adoption of modules (one of the «broad wishes rubrics, more a statement of intent than a request for paper right now)
* wg21.link links are still there but the text only shows the P or N numbers, not the full links (thanks Nevin!)
* Some typos and weird grammar thingies have been corrected, but I'm French-speaking and I'm sure I missed some
* I took upon myself to add the following paragraph to the «Actions» section, which I thought was important. I hope you'll forgive me:

«SG14 contributors plan to write papers that will help these requests lead to adoption of corresponding features in the C++ language or its standard library. Some of these efforts are pursued through other papers, not necessarily SG14 related; in such cases, SG14 contributors will try to help bring these other papers to fruition. In the cases where the request can be served with existing facilities or that other approaches would serve the stated goals better, SG14 will try to make these existing alternatives better known. Where there are competing proposals to solve a problem from the set below, SG14 will try to provide guidance with respect to those aspects of these proposals that serve best this community.»

That statement of intent seemed necessary to me.

Hope you like it, and that the community will contribute :)