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Re: [SG14] [isocpp-lib-ext] std::colony name brainstorming

From: Nathan Myers <ncm_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sat, 13 Feb 2021 12:09:00 -0800
On 2/11/21 10:22 PM, Ville Voutilainen via Lib-Ext wrote:
> On Fri, 12 Feb 2021 at 03:49, Nathan Myers via SG14
> <sg14_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> A hive has cells, but the grubs and the honey in the
>> cells come from inside the hive. From the outside, it's
>> just a box. Except it's full of bees. A box of wholly
>> interchangeable bees that don't live in the cells. If
> Yes. It's just a box. Larvae and pupae live in the cells.
>> Bees live in hives, ants and termites live in colonies.
> No, sir. Bee colonies live in hives. Ant colonies live in anthills.
> Termite colonies live in mounds. A hive is a container.
>> "Hive" is just "colony" spelled differently. If "colony"
>> is unsatisfactory, "hive" is almost as; albeit a little
>> shorter, and with fewer unfortunate secondary associations.
> With the correction above, hive is not an alternate spelling of colony,
> and otherwise, you're describing a feature, not a bug.

Reading beyond the first two paragraphs of a message before
replying, you would be less likely to embarrass yourself.

I reproduce the final paragraph here:

   It's not a good look to be stuck on a name that is really
   no better than dozens of others. After it has been pulled
   into the Standard is the time to get attached.

The only reason to have considered "hive" at all was its
proximity to "colony". But nothing about either recommends
itself over others. The inherent interchangeability of
bees (like ants, or termites) makes them a poor fit.

   std::hive<wretched<scum,villainy>> mos_eisley;

Received on 2021-02-13 14:09:06