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Re: [SG14] SG14 agenda for Prague F2F and March 11 Monthly call

From: Matthew Bentley <mattreecebentley_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 28 Jan 2020 10:00:31 +1300
Interesting paper, though the only argument he makes for use of exception
handling in embedded appears to be using libraries which use exception
handling, like boost. I can't imagine embedded devs use boost. The other
reason he offers "embedded software developed in C++ generally disables
exceptions, at the cost of reduced disciplined error handling through C++
exceptions" doesn't make any sense. Return codes require more disciplined
error handling, not less.

On Sat, 25 Jan 2020 at 05:21, Michael Wong via SG14 <sg14_at_[hidden]>

> HI all, in the interest of studying for the use of Exception handling in
> Embedded space, this paper is very useful (thanks to Bjarne pointing me to
> it)
> Low-Cost Deterministic C++ Exceptions for Embedded Systems
> https://www.research.ed.ac.uk/portal/files/78829292/low_cost_deterministic_C_exceptions_for_embedded_systems.pdf
> The general conclusion is that EH as it is is suitable for embedded
> systems and it only needs to be an implementation detail. This is
> extremely helpful to our interest.
> At the Prague F2F SG14 meeting, I will present this paper if there is a
> free slot on Friday morning's SG14 meeting if the authors cannot be
> present.
> However, James Renwick has agree to come on our March 11 monthly SG14 call
> to discuss this.
> I have already presented this paper at MISRA C++ so a wider group might be
> interested in these results.
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