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Re: [SG10] Query on SD-6

From: Leo Carreon <lcarreon_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2014 09:46:59 +1000
I have the impression that SD-6 is incomplete with regards to the C++11
features because according to the GCC, Clang and EDG tables of C++11
found in these documents:


there are much more features not mentioned in the SD-6 document. I have
noticed that the EDG document mentions more proposal document numbers
in comparison to the GCC and Clang documents. I have not found an
equivalent document for other compiler implementations.

I know you may say that SG-10 is not really concerned with C++11 because
compiler implementers have completely implemented it but I say that some
have not and it would help if you could get them to agree to provide ways of
detecting which features are implemented or not.

At this stage since there is no way to detect which C++11 features are
implemented and C++14 in some compilers, therefore it might be a good idea
suggest to Herb Sutter to publish a table in isocpp.org. This table should
list all
compiler implementations and should include which version of each
implementation a C++11/C++14 (by proposal number, i.e. combining the tables
I mentioned above) it was added in. I'm assuming that representatives of
compiler implementers are members of the ISO C++ committee therefore this
table should not be too difficult to put together. I would also suggest to
maintain the table for each revision of the standard.

Received on 2014-08-20 01:54:58