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Re: [wg14/wg21 liaison] P2961R1 syntax for Contracts: viable for C?

From: Jens Gustedt <jens.gustedt_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2023 10:29:59 +0200
anything of the form

     identifier ( ballanced-token-sequence )

would in principle be good for C, because it can be handled with a macro.

For the identifiers, I think that keywording three or four letter codes is really a bad idea.

This should be "precondition" or similar. People that argue that this is too long, should review the capacities of their IDE.

Jens Gustedt - INRIA & ICube, Strasbourg, France 

Received on 2023-10-06 08:30:04