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Subject: [std-proposals] Template qualifiers
From: Phil Bouchard (phil_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-09-29 07:52:06


How many time did we have to redundantly write the same member functions
just to add a const version? Ex.:

struct A


 Â Â Â  A & operator = (A const &) { return * this; }

 Â Â Â  A const & operator = (A const &) const { return * this; }


What I would like to suggest would be to templatize those instances as such:

struct A


 Â Â Â  template <qualifier Q>

 Â Â Â      A Q & operator = (A const &) Q { return * this; }


This would in instantiate on-the-fly the 2 (or 4) versions of the same code.

Thank you,

*Phil Bouchard*
C.: (819) 328-4743
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