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Re: Thoughts on making unchecked_emplace_back a public function for vector?

From: Lénárd Szolnoki <cpp_at_[hidden]>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2021 21:21:55 +0100

In a recent proposal vector will gain range construction and append operations. This will allow safely expressing operations that would otherwise require unchecked_emplace_back.

For example a reserve + push_back loop can be replaced by an append with a sized input range. The vector can internally reserve once based on the size, then it can do the equivalent of unchecked_emplace_back in a loop.


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[It's best to use std-proposals list as you're trying to propose a new feature (this list is mostly about the current standard, things like wording/defects).]

I tried to propose something similar back in 2013, see the discussion here:

In the course of the discussion, push_back_ was (sensibly) renamed into unchecked_push_back.

My feeling was that people generally disliked this idea, so I didn't get to writing a proposal.

All the best,

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> Subject: [std-discussion] Thoughts on making unchecked_emplace_back a public
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> I've been playing around with a slightly modified version of the standard vector
> header for a while now which makes "unchecked_emplace_back" a usable
> function as well as some other utility functions I've added. There's more than a
> few cases I've had so far to use it and net a bit of a bonus bit of performance.
> Rough idea is a function (or functions) which assumes a bit more responsibility
> on the side of the user, but it short cuts some redundant checks on the
> containers capacity. In playing around I actually found a different way to go
> about this which was way faster, however I think it might be a stretch because it
> would pretty much allow full access over all the vector's members.
> The only thing I'm really wondering is whether this is the right email to send this
> to, some places suggested floating standards proposals here, wasn't exactly
> clear. In any case, thoughts? The edits for reference to existing headers are
> extremely minor, usually because an unchecked version of emplace_back is
> already written as a utility function for emplace_back to work. I also have zero
> reference for whether this has been brought up before.
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