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Re: Earliest version with vector::data

From: Daniel Krügler <daniel.kruegler_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 11:23:57 +0200
Am Di., 17. Aug. 2021 um 10:48 Uhr schrieb Hans Åberg via
Std-Discussion <std-discussion_at_[hidden]>:
> Which is the earliest C++ version of which vector::data should be considered a part? —It is not in the ISO+IEC+14882-1998 document, but there is a proposal from 2004 to add it.
> https://cplusplus.github.io/LWG/issue464

It should be guaranteed to be specified in the C++11 standard, but the
C++ committee has voted the above-mentioned issue into CD1 in 2008. So
some vendors may have added this function even in C++03 mode (in case
they have updated their library implementations), but you cannot rely
on that.

- Daniel

Received on 2021-08-17 04:24:16