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Subject: more CS language theory
From: \\0xDynamite (dreamingforward_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-06-12 18:05:25

I have recently come across in my studies that there may be no need
for many computer languages.

1) For any given architecture, the underlying machine code is the same.
2) Just as any human language has evolved by adding more sophisticated
(key)words as time and experience moved upwards, or even borrowing
them from other languages (like English), a computer language could do
the same.

I call this the Prime Language Conjecture:: that all languages
eventually gravitate towards a single language: one that honors the
low-level efficiency concerns and offers the most elegant, high-level
constructs. Such a truth would save the industry billions of dollars
per year and make creating apps 10x easier, because the greater
investment by every individual into a single language (because they
know it will be useful everywhere) and the greater amount of shared
code base available to each.

Some supporting data for this conjecture include an analysis of C++.
This language invented a whole sublanguage for templates that is
reportedly "Turing complete". If you already have a Turing complete
language like C, there should be no need for another one on top of it.
The problem is over-engineering. The solution requires better
architecture and that means a single language can suffice.

With this conjecture, the implication would say that there is some
unthought programming construct (i.e. architecture) that has not been
considered. With a moment's thought, one can see that container types
as keywords could have served as a more elegant solution.

    list[* char] MyNameList; //continue for sets, maps, etc.

The above would create a homogenous list of strings. This is just one
example. Another rich field for re-examination are parameter lists
which, in C, are a type of meta-language.

I'll leave all of that as food for thought to see if anyone's
interested in further discussion....



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