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Re: [SG20] "constinit" seems to be very confusing

From: Schulung <schulung_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2020 16:41:20 +0100
I had the same issue. When I explain constinit, I put it into a bigger

I talk about constness and explain the differences of: const, constexpr,
constinit, consteval, and is_constant_evaluted. In particular, I compare
the differences of const, constexpr and constinit when initializing a
variable. A nice use-case for constinit is it to solve the static
initialization fiasco.


On 22/11/2020 16:07, Nicolai Josuttis via SG20 wrote:
> Starting to learn and document C++20, I just realized that
> the keyword "constinit" seems very confusing.
> Every naive programmer would assume it means "init a const",
> but it seems the const is simply wrong; it is the opposite.
> Or as Jonathan Müller wrote in a talk:
> constinit = constexpr - const
> Now I wonder how to teach that.
> Could somebody elaborate please why we have chosen this name
> and what is the best way to make this name plausible to ordinary
> programmers?
> Thanks
> Nico
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