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[SG20] Notes from the meeting of June 26

From: JC van Winkel <jcvw_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2020 13:32:18 +0200

Robert Douglas wrote the notes of our meeting, many thanks!


JC: JC van Winkel
FS: Florian Sattler
MA: Michael Adams
GD: Glenn Downing
RD: Rob Douglas (Scribing)
CD: Chris Di Bella

Roll Call

Adopt Agenda
Adding standing item: "Tentatively Ready Papers"
Will discuss criteria for merging to "additional business"

D2193R0 - How to Structure a Teaching Topic
JC Reviewing the paper
FS: I've updated the doc for section name changes
JC: I'll redraft and upload after meeting

RD: This "Finally" clause clarifies the question I had on the refelctor, so
that's helpful
RD: Could use guidance on how to handle difference of opinions regarding
JC: Caveat section may meet this need. Suggest they teach how different
people may or may not adopt a practice
CD: Ask "How can we best teach this so that students can make their best
decision on whether or not to use it"
RD: Can we add the guidance to the doc to put their recommendations in the
CD: There should be a high bar to putting opinions in caveats
RD: As a module author, what guidance do we have for augmenting the list of
modules in P1725?
CD: P1725 is not set in stone. It's on me to update it. May need consistent
reminders to update.

CD: Regarding PR for default params, this one looks good, atm.

CD and RD to take some discussion of library modules offline

JC: Any opinions on when to merge an issue?
MA: Would prefer to merge earlier. To give more visibility of the whole
JC: Suggest merging earlier, even if there are known changes to make
RD: Could we have some quantifiable mechanism for when it may be merged?
FS: We mark as "tentatively ready" and then officially move it in next
JC will publish the "tentatively ready" process

FS: Would like to close issues to avoid noise
RD: Would like to know how to "raise my hand" on an issue
CD: Comment on the issue you're taking it
RD: Great!
CD: To Florian's point, we definitely want to close the issues in GitHub

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