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Subject: Re: OT: Mail list for learning C++
From: JC van Winkel (jcvw_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-06-19 12:32:16

In the old days, I used to look at
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/comp.lang.c++ (except the google
part, but that's where the group now has its home). More modern might
be #include
<c++> Discord <https://www.includecpp.org/> and r/cpp_questions

Have a look there?


On Wed, 19 Jun 2019 at 16:32, rhkramer--- via SG20 <sg20_at_[hidden]>

> I know this is OT for this list, but I thought I'd ask here:
> I'm looking for a mail list to help me learn C++, or at least certain
> aspects
> of it. I've done some google searches, but just haven't found any.
> Any suggestions?
> Discussion:
> A mail list suits my style much more than an IRC or forum. I have found
> StackOverflow which I will try to use, but I'd much prefer a mail list.
> Some background on what I need / what I'm trying to do.
> I have programmed in quite a few languages, starting with things like
> Algol,
> Fortran, with brief exposures to things like Lisp, APL, PL/1, and others I
> can't recall atm during my education. In my career, I've written small
> programs in various proprietary languages, "captive" languages (can't
> think of
> the right word, but the languages built into things like dBase (3&4).
> I've
> also written some fairly big programs in (Turbo ;-) Pascal.
> Nowadays I use Linux and have written some scripts.
> I left school before C was invented (or, at least, before it was published
> anywhere), and just have never grokked C, and, even less, C++.
> I now have a situation where I am (almost) forced to use C++. I want to
> write
> a lexer for scintilla (a text editing "widgit" / control), which is
> written in
> C++. I got some help from a student (in Serbia) who wrote something that
> does
> some of what I need but has a bug, and, unfortunately, I've lost touch
> with
> him. so I am trying to learn enough C++ to finish the lexer and find and
> fix the
> bug.
> (Aside: Some lexers have been written for scintilla in Lua, but (1) not
> all
> editors which use scintilla support lexers written in Lua, and (2) Lua
> would
> just be another new-to-me language that I'd have to learn. (And (3), I
> guess
> I have concerns (perhaps not well founded) that it may be slower than a
> lexer
> written in C++.)
> Aside: scintilla originally limited itself to (iiuc) C++ version 11 or
> earlier, but within the last year or so, the primary developer has started
> using features of versions 14 and 17. (Another developer is trying to
> maintain an LTS (long term support) version limiting it to C++ version 11
> features.)
> The lexer uses regex features of C++, and I have the impression that it
> uses a
> more recent regex library than that in version 11.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
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