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NB comment review: FR Annex E [uaxid] Shorten contents and integrate with [lex.name]

From: Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 11:55:59 -0400
Please review the following. If you agree with the proposed change and
have no further information to add, then there is no need to respond. If
you disagree with the proposed change, have corrections or new
information to offer, or have comments on the candidate polls, then
*please reply by Monday, October 31st*.

  FR Annex E [uaxid] <http://eel.is/c++draft/uaxid> Shorten contents and
  integrate with [lex.name]

GitHub nbballot issue #411


The usefulness of that clause is debatable.

Please state in [lex.name] the set of rules/profiles followed by c++
identifiers, rather than listing all of the rules that do not apply.

    Proposed change:

Only state "C++ conforms to UAX31 by meeting the requirements R1
“Default Identifiers” and R4 “Equivalent Normalized Identifiers” and
remove [uaxid]

    SG16 chair notes:

As discussed in the 2022-10-19 SG16 telecon
<https://github.com/sg16-unicode/sg16-meetings#october-19th-2022>, this
comment has interaction with US-64.

    Candidate polls:

  * [FR-XX]: SG16 recommends accepting the comment in the direction of
    the proposed change.
  * [FR-XX]: SG16 recommends rejecting the comment on the basis that
    explicit indication of Unicode requirement conformance,
    non-conformance, or inapplicability is useful.


Received on 2022-10-26 15:56:03