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Subject: SG16 meeting summary for May 12th, 2021
From: Tom Honermann (tom_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-05-17 09:24:50

The summary for the SG16 meeting held May 12th, 2021 is now available. 
For those that attended, please review and suggest corrections:

  * https://github.com/sg16-unicode/sg16-meetings#may-12th-2021

A decision was made to affirm LEWG's direction for accepting P2372R1
<https://wg21.link/p2372r1> as the resolution for LWG3547
<https://cplusplus.github.io/LWG/issue3547> targeting C++23 and C++20 as
a DR.

Additional direction polls were taken for P2093R6


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