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[SG16] Invites for future SG16 telecons

From: Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 2021 11:34:58 -0500
I've historically scheduled the next SG16 telecon when posting a meeting
summary for the most recent one. I've often been delayed in getting
meeting summaries prepared and communicated, and this has resulted in
meetings being scheduled with too little advance notice. Going forward,
I'm going to decouple these communications to ensure that meeting
invitations are sent well in advance. This means that meeting invites
will not contain agendas when initially sent. I will send a separate
email with the agenda for each telecon to the SG16 mailing list once
known (along with a reminder 24 hours before).

Today, I added event series to the WG21 calendar and sent invitations
for the following dates:

  * 2021-02-10
  * 2021-02-24
  * 2021-03-10
  * <daylight savings time begins in the US on 2021-03-14>
  * 2021-03-24 through 2021-10-27 (4th Wednesday of each month during US
    daylight savings time)
  * 2021-04-14 through 2021-10-13 (2nd Wednesday of each month during US
    daylight savings time)
  * <daylight savings time ends in the US on 2021-11-07>

For those of you that import .ics files into your own calendars, please
ensure that you import each of the 5 series above.

I messed up the first attempt at scheduling the 4th Wednesday recurrence
and inadvertently scheduled all day meetings. While I'm sure we would
make good use of that time, I'm guessing we would be in short supply of
participants willing to make such a commitment, hence the cancellation
notice sent for that initial event series. Please disregard that invite
and I apologize for the noise and any confusion.


Received on 2021-02-06 10:35:04