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[SG16] Reminder: SG16 telecon tomorrow (Wednesday, 2020-07-08)

From: Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]>
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2020 11:54:48 -0400
This is your friendly reminder that an SG16 telecon will be held
tomorrow, Wednesday July 8th, at 19:30 UTC (timezone conversion
To attend, visit https://bluejeans.com/140274541 at the start of the

*Please review the definitions for the terms listed below in **ISO/IEC
10646:2017****(link to 108 MB .zip file)
to the meeting and think about how we might apply these terms to the C++
standard.* For example:
- "character" is often an ambiguous term, but it may be appropriate to
describe the members of the basic source character set or the entity
denoted by a simple escape sequence.
- Are members of the execution character set "coded characters"?
- "repertoire" may be appropriate for the basic source character set,
but may not be appropriate for the execution character set.
- When might we use "encoding form" vs "encoding scheme"? Do we need both?
- Do we need to define our own "character encoding" term (potentially
for non-Unicode encodings)?

The agenda for the meeting is:
- Continue discussion of terminology updates to strive for in C++23
   - Determine suitability of ISO/IEC 10646 terms for use in the C++
     - Character
     - Repertoire
     - Code point
     - Coded character
     - Coded character set
     - Code unit
     - Code unit sequence
     - Encoding form
     - Encoding scheme
     - UCS codespace
     - UCS scalar value
     - Well-formed code unit sequence
     - Minimal well-formed code unit sequence
     - Ill-formed code unit sequence
     - Ill-formed code unit sequence subset
   - Identify possible terms to add to [intro.defs].

No decisions are expected to be made at this meeting.


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