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Re: [SG16] [SPAM] Re: Locales, Encodings and Unicode

From: Tom Honermann <tom_at_[hidden]>
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2020 01:04:06 -0500
On 1/24/20 12:36 AM, jm via SG16 wrote:
> Tom Honermann wrote:
> > I believe there are no terminfo or similar capabilities for either
> querying or setting
> the terminal encoding
> I'm pretty sure that either ECMA 35 or ECMA 48 has registered way to
> switch to UTF8. I think xterm implements it. I don't remember about
> querying nor about going back (I remember it as a way to escape out of
> their structure). I'm not familiar enough with other terminal emulator
> nor with terminfo/termcap to know what they do.

Thanks. Neither ECMA 35 (ISO/IEC 2022) or ECMA 48 mention UTF-8, but a
general DOCS (Designation of Other Coding System) function is
specified. Perhaps the ability to switch to UTF-8 specifically is a
(common) extension? It looks like this particular ability seems
specific to terminals that implement the ECMA 35 structure which means
we can't rely on the facility. Still, good to know about, so thank you
for pointing it out!


> BTW terminfo/termcap are relying as well on environment variable to
> know what to do. I'm not sure that that one is better than LC*
> Yours
> --
> Jean-Marc Bourguet

Received on 2020-01-24 00:06:41