Matthew, Thank you for this push and reminder. Several members are in LEWG and should continue to support this proposal. This is one of the most sought after proposal and is on our agenda of lists of SG14 proposals we track.

On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 7:01 PM Matt Bentley via SG14 <> wrote:
Hi all-
I've put a request forward on the LEWG mailing list to see what the
feeling is around getting what was formerly the colony proposal (now
'hive') into C++23.
I know it's easy to miss these posts, what with the volume of traffic in
LEWG, so if anyone here is also on LEWG please put your opinion forward
there. In my view 2027 is too late to see hive in the standard.
The current proposal is here if anyone is interested:
SG14 mailing list