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Re: [SG14] [isocpp-lib-ext] std::colony name brainstorming

From: Nathan Myers <ncm_at_[hidden]>
Date: Sun, 14 Feb 2021 16:23:10 -0800
On 2/13/21 2:23 PM, Ville Voutilainen via Lib-Ext wrote:
> You can all claim to me that naming is important. I very
> much dispute that claim.
Oddly, it is invariably same person who insists both that
(a) names are not important, and we must immediately stop
discussing them, and *also* (b) their own favorite is the
only name that could possibly be right. (Such favorite is
always among the first mentioned.)

In a choice between a person's words and actions, it is
easy to guess which reflects what they believe.

Received on 2021-02-14 18:23:17