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Re: [SG14] Soliciting Games related topics for this wednesday

From: Matt Bentley <mattreecebentley_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2020 19:05:18 +1300
New version of the colony paper is now available here:

To the best of my knowledge all the feedback from the last review has
been actioned. And the implementation based on this draft is very close
to being fully baked - about 2% to go.
The ~10% performance issues mentioned last time in relation to reserve()
were a GCC bug that was introduced in GCC9, and have been reported here:

This is not fixed in GCC yet. 'm not sure if it will be. However reduced
tests on the current beta show equal or better performance over the
previous non-reserve versions, about 2% performance increase across most
compilers. This is largely down to the optimisation work I have been doing.

In addition a new function, trim(), has been introduced - the reasoning
for this is listed in the Design Decisions->'Additional notes on
specific functions'->shrink_to_fit description.

I hope I will be able to attend tomorrow, if not I welcome your
feedback. There are a couple of minor questions I have:
* Should assign be allowed to reduce capacity? eg. If the newly assigned
fill or range is smaller than the previous capacity.
* Should operator = (&colony) be allowed to retain existing memory
blocks and hence have a potentially higher capacity than the source colony?


On 13/10/2020 11:57 am, Michael Wong via SG14 wrote:
> Hi all, for this Wednesday's monthly call, we will be returning to a
> Games focus, as Security wanted to move to December. I am wondering if
> there are any papers or topics for review or discussion. Thank you.
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