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Re: [SG13] Thursday's Telecon

From: Timur Doumler <cpp_at_[hidden]>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2019 17:26:27 +0300
Hi all,

1) We have a third paper to discuss: "Feedback on std::audio" by Richard Powell et al.
https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P1746R0.html <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P1746R0.html>

2) Unfortunately, I will only be available for the first 10 minutes of the telecon. May I ask you to front-load any audio-related questions you might have for me, so we can do them quickly first. And then I can leave the call and you can carry on with graphics etc. Really sorry for the inconvenience caused!

3) The current R2 revision of the std::audio paper (the only version of it ;) can be found here:
https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P1386R2.pdf <https://isocpp.org/files/papers/P1386R2.pdf>

4) Here is a quick summary of what’s new in the R2 revision of the std::audio paper:

- we added support for timestamps (for both input and output)
- we added device configuration change callbacks, so you can register callbacks for when a device is unplugged, a new device is plugged in, the user changes the default input/output device setting, etc.
- we completely redesigned the audio_buffer class, which now correctly deals with all kinds of audio data layouts like interleaved / deinterleaved, contiguous as well as pointer-to-pointer, and even allows an implementation to keep the data layout completely opaque. The whole strided span logic is gone. This should hopefully address all the concerns mentioned in P1746R0 for those areas.

There are still missing bits, notably a channel layout API and a device settings negotiation API, which are all planned for R3.

5) The reference implementation, found here
https://github.com/stdcpp-audio/libstdaudio <https://github.com/stdcpp-audio/libstdaudio>
, has now caught up with the R2 revision of the paper – all of that stuff works on macOS. We also have a working Windows implementation (WASAPI) which is still on a branch but will hopefully be merged into master by Cologne. We further have implementations for various other platforms, contributed by other people, in various stages of progress, which are not public yet but hopefully will be soon as well.

6) We are planning to contribute this library to Boost.


> On 18 Jun 2019, at 10:23, Roger Orr via SG13 <sg13_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> A reminder of this Thursday's SG13 telecon.
> We currently have two revised papers to discuss:
> P0267R9 (revised 2D graphics paper - previoulsy circulated)
> P1386R2 (revised audio paper - a copy is attached)
> If you have a paper relevant to SG13 in the pre-meeting mailing please let me know, and/or post it or a link to this list for ease of reference (since the pre meeting mailing may well not be out in time for Thursday)
> Regards,
> Roger.
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