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So, thanks to the fluid schedule at this meeting of the major Working Groups, neither I nor Michael would be available after break for discussing the papers on the agenda.  I suspect that is the case of many key SG12 people

We have two options:

  • Postpone to this afternoon.  The snag is conflict with Contracts

I will like to point out that Contracts is a C++23 concern and that the adopted agenda of this meeting indicates "[r]esolve C++20 national body comments" as the primary goal. Delaying the discussion of RU 007 does not fit with said primary goal.

-- HT
  • Postpone Michael’s paper to tomorrow afternoon, after the plenary


Let me know of your preference.

I would like to have this scheduled for this afternoon.


-- Gaby


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Today, SG12 is competing for attention (for its regular members) with SG15 and SG21.  Consequently, we will meet after the morning break to discuss

  • Resolution to NB coment RU007 from Core
  • Revision of P1705R1

-- Gaby


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