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Re: [SG10] [isocpp-core] Feature-test macro for ADL calls with template arguments?

From: Gabriel Dos Reis <gdr_at_[hidden]>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2020 20:41:23 +0000
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| From: Ville Voutilainen <ville.voutilainen_at_gmail.com>
| Sent: Monday, June 8, 2020 1:36 PM
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| Subject: Re: [SG10] [isocpp-core] Feature-test macro for ADL calls with
| template arguments?
| On Mon, 8 Jun 2020 at 23:30, Gabriel Dos Reis via SG10
| <sg10_at_[hidden]> wrote:
| >
| > At the time, I think I would have thought one was not needed, but that
| could be wrong.
| >
| >
| >
| > Indeed, this sounds to be like an overkill application of feature test macros,
| but…
| Well, this macro gives users with the use case I depicted some more choices:
| 1) use a work-around that is just.. ..ghastly
| 2) provide an ADL-only customization point if and only if it can be
| written without ghastliness
| 3) just provide a customization point that is not ADL-only
| 4) do (1) or (3) if (2) is not available

I didn't say they don't have uses cases; the question in my mind is whether that merits a feature test macro.
I think that is overkill, but I have never been the most ardent proponent of feature test macros so I fully confess to be possibly missing something fundamental.
In my view, if the workaround looks ghastly to them, maybe that says something about what they are doing or trying to do...

-- Gaby

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