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Re: [SG10] Jacksonville additions

From: Nelson, Clark <clark.nelson_at_[hidden]>
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2016 16:16:10 +0000
> On 3/9/2016 10:55 PM, Nelson, Clark wrote:
> >> I'd like to see a feature-test for LWG2296, "std::addressof
> should
> >> be
> >> constexpr"
> >>
> (http://wiki.edg.com/pub/Wg21jacksonville/StrawPolls/P0304R0.html).
> >
> > Would it not be possible to test for that using SFINAE, or some
> other
> > template trick?
> Possibly, I can imagine a thing or two that might actually work with
> non-type template parameters. If it comes to that, however, I'd
> rather
> leave it as is or leave it broken for C++11/14 than to add more
> magic to that already partially broken SFINAE magic.

I am not a template metaprogrammer, so I definitely sympathize with
distaste for SFINAE tricks.

But there are also quite a few people in the world who have distaste
for the preprocessor. So I'm really reluctant to add a specific new
macro, where some existing template trickery could do the job instead.


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